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Agile Management Tool

Drag&Drop Based Agile Board

agile messaging for teams

Instant structured interaction

Each system task becomes an instant chat, making communication simple and straightforward. It is easy to join the chat and understand the work process.
The strings of dialogues structured by tasks show the actual company progress. Even a year after project completion it is easy to understand how the company goal was achieved.

agile way for everything

Any processes for big team

Planning, development, customer support, sales, marketing — all business processes can be agilely kept in a single system.
Departments operating within the same system become transparent to each other and have better performance. Maximum transparency and common interaction culture.

agile task moving

cross-group interaction

Passing a task becomes as easy as applying a sticker to the agile board column. You can always see the problem status and its solution progress. Standard and simple task passing culture makes big teams work more efficiently.

agile observation

Intuitive workflow

Any task flow can be streamed to a big screen and all team members clearly understand what is happening and what needs to be done. This approach reduces management time by 50% and more importantly all employees become engaged in their work.